SuperSlider base, is a global admin plugin for all SuperSlider plugins and comes stocked full of eye candy in the form of modules. Superslider base includes the following modules:

  • * Tooltips: add fancy tooltips to any object or group of objects.
  • * Reflection: adds floor reflection to your images,
  • * Accordion: add nested accordions to your post content,
  • * Scroll: add smooth scroll navigation to your page,
  • * Zoomer: Adds a smooth image enlarging zoomer,
  • * Nudger: slide links or small objects on mouseover,
  • * Fader: fade transition one object of a group on mouseover (NEW! with version 0.6.2),
  • * Linker: iPhone – Safari like darkened background effect when you click a link(NEW! with version 0.6.4)
  • * Clicker: Dynamically takes the first link from the contents of a list item and makes the whole list item a clickable link(NEW! with version 0.6.4)

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